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About US

                                                                   OUR MISSION

We represent leading global manufacturers of construction and mining equipment

  • We aim to satisfy our customers’ needs through guaranteeing efficiency and quality in all aspects of our business activities
  • We help our customers to perform their job more safely, ecologically and productively, thus contributing in creating better places for people to live in
  • We can continue to exist only because we are better at performing and improving our processes than anybody else
  • We require our profit to grow steadily for satisfying all our stakeholders who supply us with various resources


Guiding Philosophy

Customer satisfaction

  • We provide our customers with reliable products of lasting value and dependable services
  • We are committed to make any effort to ensure and enhance customer satisfaction
  • We promptly and accurately respond to a wide variety of customers’ requirements
  • We are eager to know about our customers and their needs better than competitors
  • We are keen to know whether our customers are really satisfied with our products and services
  • We make continuous efforts to integrate customer’s needs and market requirements into our product development and quality improvement


  • Our people are the source of our strength
  • Success of our company relies upon the enthusiasm, commitment, expertise, professionalism, creativity and challenging spirit that is in every individual
  • Every individual makes efforts to improve the capabilities required for the job
  • Our company supports and encourages such efforts by providing an appropriate working environment
  • We are a team
  • We treat each other with respect and trust
  • We communicate openly and sincerely based on facts, using quantitative expressions when possible to ensure the effectiveness and objectivity
  • We coordinate closely with each other to make sure we are working towards the same targets
  • We cooperate with each other to combine each individual’s potential power to achieve the best results
  • We contribute to each other’s activities to enjoy together the rewards of our efforts

Total Care

  • To achieve customer satisfaction quality, health and safety and environmental care must be our first priority
  • Total care is the result of our efforts to satisfy needs of those within or outside our company who receives output from any of our business processes
  • Every individual takes responsibility for the output and continuously strives for excellence in quality of the product, to reduce energy consumption and waste production and to maintain a safe and healthy working environment
  • We recognize that every process is interrelated
  • We practice good communication and close cooperation to integrate our efforts for total care improvement
  • We regard innovation as the key for continuous improvement our total care system

Challenge for changes

  • We are living in the age of rapid changes
  • We seize opportunities arising from the changes in our business environment
  • We proactively change the way we conduct our business to get ahead of change in the world
  • We boldly try new ideas with organized dynamism, taking carefully calculated risks

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